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That’s right! It’s time to go through your closets and get rid of the old. It’s also time to check out your local second-hand shop and see what you can get for way less. Let’s start with your closet cleaning…

We all have pieces of clothing that we save because we love them, they used to fit and one day they will again, they have sentimental value—the list goes on and on. But at the end of the day, they are just clothes you haven’t worn in about five years. It’s crazy how time flies. It’s time to de-clutter the closet. Plus, there’s so much you can do once you have that pile of clothes you’ve decided to let go of:

  • You can have a clothing swap party with your friends. It’s a great excuse to get together, have a glass of wine, and get some new clothes for free!
  • Earn tax credit by donating the clothes to a local charity. If you itemize when you file your taxes, keep good records and get receipts, because those “old rags” can be a great tax deduction.
  • Use old t-shirts for household cleaning. There’s no need to go out and buy rags to dust when you can just cut up an old shirt and use that.

The flip side of today is checking out your local second hand shop. Why is this good? Aside from getting some great stuff for a lot less money, you’re supporting charities.

  • Establishments like Goodwill help people find work. Money earned through the sale of the items you donate goes to helping local people receive job training they need to help them get back in the work force.
  • Then there’s the Salvation Army. The money they earn by reselling your old goods goes to everything from helping fight hunger to finding missing children.
  • There are many others. Check with your local shops to see whom they support.

See, you thought that gray t-shirt you love so much but never wear was doing good in your closet—but look at all the good it can do out in the world!


If your little ones haven’t ventured back to school yet, they’ll be on their way soon. As the summer draws to a close, and you start preparing your kids for the next year of learning, don’t forget that when you shop through Coupon Cactus, you’ll get great savings and earn cash back on things you need to buy to stock backpacks of all ages.

Aside from shopping with us, there are other great tips that will help you save. Here’s just a few:

  • You’re on Coupon Cactus, so you’re already a smart shopper. But don’t forget to check your favorite stores for end-of-summer savings to help you save even more money.
  • Stick to the list. There’s a lot of cute items out there, but make sure you’re buying only the supplies your children need. That extra notebook may be adorable, but if it never gets used then that’s a few bucks you didn’t need to spend.
  • When it comes to clothes, go through your kid’s closet to remind yourself of what they already have any may not need. If there are clothes they’ve grown out of, consider donating them to charity—it’s a tax write off!
  • Look at dollar stores. If you shop through the Coupon Cactus site, at Dollar General, you’ll earn 3.5% cash back.
  • If you’re little one isn’t so little anymore and is heading off to college, check for stores that offer discounts with a student ID.

If you’ve got other great ways to save on your back-to-school shopping, let us know!


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