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Save Big on Black FridayFirst and foremost—stay home. Gas prices may be falling nationwide, but that doesn’t mean you should hop in your car and spend the few dollars you saved driving around amidst madness all day. Many online retailers are offering free shipping, so save yourself the headache and shop online.

Still not convinced? Okay, if you’re determined to get out there with the crowds, at least have a strategy. Here’s a collection from top shoppers on how to best navigate Black Friday.

  • Get out there early. Last year, Target, for instance, saw their peak traffic at around 6 p.m. That’s not a crowd you want to be in.
  • Leave the kids at home. You’re probably shopping for a bunch of their stuff anyway, so just leave them happily snuggled in bed. It’ll be enough for you to worry about dealing with the crowds, never mind trying to keep track of a kid surrounded by every toy they could possibly dream of.
  • Skip the impulse. Retailers have strategically designed their store layouts and product positioning to entice you into buying impulse goods. Don’t do it! Have your list ready and stick to it. You’ll save time and money and thank yourself later.
  • To further that point, have a budget and stick to it. Again, your wallet will thank you later.
  • Be aware of price matching. If you buy something at Store A and see it for less later at Store B, know whether or not you can go back and have the price matched. Obviously it’s better to handle this before the purchase, but if you haven’t thought that far ahead, planning after the fact works as well.

But most of all, be safe. Black Friday can be crazy and no one asked for an injured family member for Christmas. (Seriously, there’s even websites to track shopping injuries.)


Black FridayOver the years, we’ve given you tips on how to survive Black Friday and the strangest things you can buy on the Internet during Cyber Monday. This year, it’s probably not your first rodeo. You likely already know what you’re looking for this year; and you likely know where you’re going to buy it.

What you may not know is that whether you’re buying one of the strangest things found on the web, or this year’s most popular widget, can save you money and earn you cash back. And who couldn’t use a little extra cash during the holiday season?

Just check out some of the popular retailers you can earn cash back with this year:

And there are thousands more! Stay warm this Black Friday and shop smart on Cyber Monday. Plus, you still have time to tell your friends all about, because if they sign up and shop, you earn cash back too! That’s a little something extra to be grateful for this holiday season.


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