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Today we come together as a planet (how often can you say that?) and celebrate Mother Earth, the caretaker that keeps us all alive. We’d be nothing without her, so let’s start some easy new routines that will keep Planet Earth happy and healthy and living a nice long life (and in the process, you too!).

  • Get a bike. It’s nearing the end of April. How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? For those of you who made fitness resolutions, here’s a great way to carry them into the spring while cutting down on pollution.
  • Get to know some more R’s (Did you know there were more than three?):
    • Reuse. An oldie but goodie. We don’t always need new stuff. Less stuff used means less stuff in our garbage and landfills. And hey, check out antique stores and yard sales, reusing stuff doesn’t just have to be what’s in your own home.
    • Repurpose. Life can become pretty routine, and your noodle may not be as active and happy as it should be. Repurposing items can kick your creative brain into gear and give you a great feeling of accomplishment.  
    • Rot compost everything organic. Not sure how to start. The EPA can tell you.
    • Repair things instead of buying new things. This kind of ties into reusing and repurposing. Less stuff, more creativity. How good do you feel after you fix something? I for one am quite pleased with myself after a good repair. Try it out. And hey, fixing that leaky faucet while you’re at it can help conserve water.
    • Refill your water bottle instead of buying disposable bottles. And don’t buy a disposable bottle and then keep refilling that. That’s not good for your health. Get yourself a nice BPA free reusable bottle and then you’re good to go. We have plenty of partners who can help you out there.
  • Travel green. A little R&R is good for the body and soul. But it can be good for the Earth too. Look for hotels that use less water or energy; don’t have housekeeping change your sheets and towels everyday; and if you’re sightseeing, take mass transit!

Those are just a few tips to help you be good to the planet and yourself. What’s your favorite way to keep yourself healthy while helping out the environment?


We don’t want to say you are procrastinating, but it’s April 14th and you haven’t filed your taxes yet. So, it kind of seems like, well, you’re procrastinating. Having your taxes prepared is about as fun as going to the dentist, but hey, it has to get done. So here are some tips for the next 24 hours.

  • First, slow down. Wait, what? You just told me to get on it. Well yes, but make sure you take enough time to make sure you don’t leave behind any forms or receipts that could mean an overlooked tax benefit when you’re running out the door to Jackson Hewitt or your local preparer. Speaking of missed tax benefits, we’ve got a lot of great deals to help you save on tax prep.
  • If you’re hurrying to file an extension, remember that an extension to file is not an extension to pay any amount due that you may owe. If you owe taxes and don’t pay by midnight of the 15th, you’re going to start accruing penalties and interest. And that is money much better spent on shoes.
  • E-filing will help you save time and worry. If you’re really cutting it down to the wire (and let’s face it, at this point you are), e-filing will let you get your return in on time. Plus, it’s more secure. Two birds. One file.
  • Tax time is a good time to review your current withholding. As your life changes, your taxes change. So the withholding amount you used last year may not be the right one for this year. Take a look and make sure your getting the most out of your paycheck.

It’s like a Band-Aid folks. The slower you rip it off, the more painful it’s going to be. Just go get your taxes taken care of, and once that refund check is in your hand, you’ll wonder what took you so long in the first place.


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