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Free ShippingHere’s the thing. Christmas is nine days away and Hanukah starts tomorrow. If ever you needed to focus on shipping price, shipping speed, and shipping deals, NOW is the time. And so, we have brown Monday. Today is the day when retailers get even more aggressive with deals and push free shipping offers because, well, if you’re still shopping, you certainly need it.

Aside from staying on top of last-minute deals, here are some tips to help you wrap up your holiday shopping so you can relax and enjoy a little eggnog.

  • Start at This should be your first stop always—holiday season or not. You can browse current offers including cash back deals. Why not earn money on items you’re going to buy anyway?
  • Shop around. Things are getting pretty cut throat at this point between retailers, and that will benefit you. Compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal.
  • Get creative. If you can’t figure out what to get someone, consider donating to charity in his or her name. ‘Tis the season for giving, right?
  • Regift. Sure, you won’t earn cash back, but you’ll certainly save some money. Everyone has done it, and it’s a good way to avoiding wasting a perfectly good gift! Just make sure you don’t give it back to the same person that gave it to you!

What are your last-minute shopping techniques? How do you save time, money and frustration?


shopping cartFirst there was Black Friday, then there was Cyber Monday. Now we’re coming upon Green Monday. No, it’s not a day to be kind to the environment. It’s a term eBay coined to describe the best day of sales in December, generally the second Monday. That’s today.

If you’re deep into your holiday shopping, there’s a good chance you will be doing some of that today—if the past and statistics are any indication. If you’re wondering what to get the man, woman, teen or child in your life, we’ve thought of a couple ideas to help you out.


  • If your giftee is a TV fan, there are plenty of box sets available. The top shows our friends love are Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, and the Walking Dead.
  • Male or female, FitBit, Apple Watch and other fitness craze tools are a great gift. Just make sure they would actually want them and won’t take getting a fitness gift the wrong way. (Just looking out for you Coupon Cactus nation!)
  • If the man/woman in your life loves nostalgia and music, a record player is a fun gift idea. Paired with a few of their favorite albums, you can rock out around the tree.


  • Your kids probably have a cell phone already, which means they probably want the latest and greatest cell phone instead. Unless you know exactly which model they’re looking for, consider getting a gift card to your carrier’s store and letting them select their own.
  • Tablets are another good gift. Again, make sure you know which model they have their eye on. The last thing you want to hear first thing in the morning amidst a gift unwrapping frenzy is, “God Dad/Mom you’re so uncool. This isn’t an iPad.” Just saying.
  • Portable speakers and back up chargers for cell phones are a great stocking stuffer as well. Because, “like, oh my god, my phone totally doesn’t last long enough.”


  • Frozen, anyone? You can bet that little girls everywhere are still asking for Anna, even though the flick came out before Christmas last year.
  • Minions! Despicable Me 1&2 were big hits and the toys and products abound to support the film. Toys, clothes, bedding, you name it—there’s a minion option for your little one.
  • Most things advertised on TV. Keep an eye on what your kids are watching. They’ll happily exclaim, “I want that!” whenever something strikes their fancy. Your little ones are your best source of holiday shopping intel.


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