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Money Saving Tips on Fall Fashions

September 6, 2011 |

There are no rules stating that you must wear designer name clothing only.  Instead, you can create your own wardrobe without spending a great deal.

Career Clothing      

You really do not need a different suit for every day at the office.  Most people will notice a nice suit and comment on it, but they are not going to remember what you wore three or five days ago especially if you have paired it with different accessories.  Your boss certainly will not comment if you wear the same skirt.  When it comes to fall fashions you just need to choose a different shirt or accessories to go with the suit.  For the fall months, its time to put away the silk in favor of pant suits, long skirts, and warm jackets to match.

Less Can be More

Whether you are dressing for the job or going out, you do not need that much in the way of clothing, as long as you have a sharp eye.  Consider buying six new items to add to the clothing you already have, as little as six new items can completely transform your look.  You can shop at other stores such as outlet malls that may have some designer labels for less.  Outlet stores can also have some beautiful clothing and suits that complement the fall fashions, without costing you too much.  One way to save as you buy those six new items is to visit an online coupon store that provides offers and coupons for some of the latest fashions.  You might consider using Susan B. Jewelry coupons to help you save money on your latest fashions.  You can save 25% off an order and change your fall fashion statement with accessories instead of buying entirely new clothing.

Mixing and Matching

Now you have your six new items, mix and match to create great new looks.  A skirt can be worn with a tank and sweater, tank and blouse, or just a sweater.  There are lots of different styles you can create with the latest skirts and sweaters to make it an entirely new look each time you go out.  Instead of wearing the same sweater and skirt combo you could pair it up with black pants the next time.


When you have a budget, it is time to begin your strategy session before buying.  The fall fashions are already out in department stores.  This means you can surf these stores online to find the look you desire.  After finding the shirt, sweater, pants, and skirts you like, you can begin shopping at discount stores or locating coupons that can help you to purchase the latest fall fashions at a better price.

Shop Online

Shopping online is a possibility after a strategy session and you can easily compare prices across different websites to save you money.  You can track down any look from most stores using UK or US sites giving you lots of choice.  Be a smart shopper and allow the fashion trends to be set by you this fall.

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