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Leap Day 2012: Time for a Revolution or Party Time?

February 28, 2012 |

Leap Day is a strange phenomenon that occurs just once every four years.  Basically, it takes the Earth about 365 days and 6 hours to complete a single revolution around the sun; at the end of four years, we are left with an extra 24 hours: Leap Day.  How will you spend your February 29th 2012?

In the spirit of Occupy Wall Street, the Leap Day Action Night movement is a loosely organized group of activists urging people to plan their own spontaneous uprisings against global capitalism and injustice.  The idea is that Leap Day is a chance to do something worthwhile with the gift of an extra day and in some small way make the world a better place.

If social activism seems sort of heavy, you can always spend this year’s bonus day the old-fashioned way.  Throw a party!

Leap Day parties are a fun and slightly silly way to celebrate the 366th day of the year.  Popular themes include frogs or lizards (get it?) or birthday parties for Leap Year babies.

Send out invitations and stock up on decorations and table linens to match your theme.  Plan games and activities for the kids, have plenty of food and snacks on hand, and be sure to send your guests home with a treat bag loaded with Leap Year goodies like frog-shaped candy, temporary tattoos, plastic lizards or stickers.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Leap Day, enjoy it!

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