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How to Grow an Herb Garden

July 28, 2015 |

Ever thought about growing an herb garden? Not only are herbs fairly simple to grow, but they can be very useful in cooking. Here are a few steps to get you started on your herb garden.

Choose a Location
People often prefer to have herb gardens in or near the kitchen, which can be very convenient. The most important thing, however, is that the location receives about six hours of sunlight. If you don’t have a spot that receives plenty of light, you can always create a garden that relies on artificial light.

Gather Your Supplies
Unless you chose to grow your herb garden in the ground, you will likely need pots for your garden. In addition to containers, be sure to get soil and, of course, seeds or plants. Which brings us to our next step…

Select Your Herbs
Which herbs would you like to grow? Start with a couple of herbs that you know you love. If you’re not sure which ones those may be, maybe try some popular herbs. For example, basil is a great addition to pasta dishes and mint is excellent in many summertime drinks!

Don’t Give Up
Once you’ve created your indoor herb garden, don’t give up! Remember to water your garden but, more importantly, know that it sometimes takes a little experimentation to figure out exactly how best to keep your garden healthy and flourishing. If one herb doesn’t grow, try another. If one location doesn’t work, move your garden. Stay with it and you’ll have an abundance of herbs to share with friends!

An herb garden of your own can be a fun and creative way to explore gardening while spicing up your cooking. What are you thinking of growing in your herb garden?

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