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Be Smarter Today Than You Were Yesterday

January 15, 2013 |

It’s a new year and new years mean new beginnings. So why not learn something new in 2013? While I was looking up some suggestions of things for you to learn this year, I came across some rather odd hobbies that seemed well worth sharing—and I bet you didn’t know these even existed!

Competitive Dog Grooming
Okay, this one isn’t crazy. People are nuts about their dogs. Plus, you already have show dogs, so why wouldn’t there be a competitive grooming arena? This is not what makes me laugh. It’s the below picture of entries. Every time I look at it, it gets better. That poodle is a ninja turtle! It’s amazing!

Tape Art
Maybe dog grooming isn’t your thing; perhaps you’re allergic. Maybe 2013 will see you expressing yourself via tape art. You know, cassettes. Remember cassettes? I’m a big fan and I miss them, so I kind of think this might be a fun hobby to have. And you might even be able to make some money at your local street fair selling your artwork!

If you find that you’re really good at making animal noises, Wisconsin’s competitive mooing may be just what you’re looking for. At the state fair since 2003, people come together to see who has the winning moo. Maybe it’s you! Check out your competition.

Playing Dead
If something a little less active would suit you better, you can look into…playing dead. Chuck Lamb enjoys it so much he created his own website – It’s a wee bit morbid, but if you have a dark creative side, this could be your outlet. Or grave rubbings, which is also a hobby.

Playing With Toads
If nature is more your thing, you can always head out to the woods and look for some toads.

Maybe learning about these eccentric hobbies was your something new. But, if you’re hungry for more knowledge check out these sites:

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