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5 Ideas for an Awesome Father’s Day

June 1, 2011 · 1 comment |

Fathers DayIt’s almost Father’s Day and we want to make it a special day for our Dads, Grandpas, and husbands, while saving a few bucks too.  Here are our tips to make the most of this special holiday.

  1. Enjoy a Favorite Meal Together (But Not Breakfast in Bed)
  2. One of the highlights of Father’s Day is to enjoy a meal together as a family.  A picnic in the park, barbecue lunch or dinner, or a nice dinner out are all great possibilities.  However, many Dads we know wish that kids would skip making breakfast in bed for them. While this is a sweet gesture, many Dads say the kids like to serve the meal but then leave dad to eat breakfast alone.  Dads want togetherness on Father’s Day, so make sure that whatever special meals you serve or partake in, that you also enjoy it together.

  3. Get Crafty for Cards and Gifts
  4. Dads appreciate the time taken to make cards and gifts for him to treasure.  There are simple crafts you can buy at Michaels that even young children can help assemble.  These include photo cards and hand and footprint clay.  One simple idea is a “stepping stone” craft, which involve decorating stones for the garden.  This can turn into a treasured collection in the coming years.  Craft supplies are widely available at stores like Michael’s, Target and Amazon.   Traditional gifts like ties and clothing are also nice gestures, but Dads will appreciate handmade items for years to come.

  5. Spend Special Family Time Together Doing Something He Enjoys
  6. Most important is time spent together. If Dad enjoys hiking or fishing, arrange to spend the day together at a local park.  If he wants to learn something new, arrange for a lesson where all the family members can take part, like a golf lesson, photography or woodcarving.  Even if everyone in the family can’t participate directly, just spending time doing the activity together will become a wonderful memory.

  7. Establish Yearly Traditions
  8. Maybe the golf lesson will turn into a new hobby.  Establish a yearly tradition of activities to do with dad and any extended family members so that there is something to look forward to each year.

  9. Make Memories
  10. Planting a tree or garden together, or creating a personalized photo book, or creating a CD of Dad’s favorite music, are wonderful ways to make lasting memories for your dad to treasure as a memento of how special he is!

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Warren Shaw June 5, 2011

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