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5 Timesaving Tips for New Moms

May 24, 2011 · 1 comment |

BabyTime takes on an entirely new dimension when you have a new baby. Your days and nights get all mixed up and sleep is at a premium. Everything takes so much longer than before. Here are our tips to maximize the time you can spend enjoying your baby.

  1. Subscribe to Grocery Delivery Services – Online or by Phone
  2. It’s worth the small surcharge to have your groceries delivered to you at least a few times when your baby is a newborn. All you have to do is place your grocery order online and select a delivery date and time. Most grocery chains provide this service and offer their entire selection of meats, produce, and everything else. Most even have baby products like diapers and wipes that you will constantly need in great supply. Remember to buy healthy and convenient snacks to keep your energy up, like cut-up fruit salad, nuts and yogurt. Most grocery delivery services, such as Peapod, accept manufacturer coupons, and some even offer their own coupons and deals on their websites. If your supermarket isn’t overly baby friendly, then diapers, wipes, and almost all baby supplies are also readily available from,,, and similar sites, all with very quick shipping.

  3. Prepare for Outings the Night Before
  4. You’ll find it takes much longer to go on outings when you have little ones in tow. Prepare your diaper bag the night before with diapers, wipes, cream and an extra set of clothes for your baby. Pack sippy cups and snacks for older ones and you can pack bottles that are ready to go by just combining the premeasured water and formula when your younger one is hungry. A few toys are invaluable, along with a hat and baby sunscreen if it’s going to be sunny weather. Make sure you have your personal items organized so you’ll be able to grab your bag and go once your baby is ready – whenever that might be!

  5. Prioritize and Delegate Household Tasks
  6. It’s hard to do, but try to figure out what tasks really need to be done and then focus on those exclusively. Dishes and laundry are high priority because of baby bottles, breast pump parts, and baby clothes. The dusting and mopping can wait. Stay on top of dishes by soaking them in hot soapy water – if you can’t get to the dishes or dishwasher, just add more hot water and soap until you or someone else can. Delegate these responsibilities to other members of your household and anyone who drops by to help.

  7. Stockpile the Solids Your Baby Enjoys
  8. Once your baby starts solids, you’ll quickly find her favorites. Prepare a big batch of one she particularly enjoys and freeze it for the weekend. This way, you’ll be able to prepare the baby’s favorite meals quickly so you can spend more of your time with her.

  9. Try to Take Some Time for Yourself
  10. While this might sound counter-intuitive, and more like a time drain than a timesaver, in reality, if you take a little time for yourself each day, you will feel more refreshed and productive throughout the day. You’ll have more energy to get tasks and chores out of the way so you can spend more quality time with your baby.

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jennifer June 1, 2011

I recently had a baby one month back.As I am a working lady the tips provided are helpful to me.Thanks for sharing

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