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It’s Tax Season—Thanks A Lot Lincoln

February 18, 2013 |

Happy President’s Day! There are so many great things in this country that we can thank our Presidents for: Washington gave us a national bank to help stabilize the US economy; Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic party and made the Louisiana Purchase, doubling the size of the country; and Abraham Lincoln stopped the south from seceding… and created income tax to fund the Civil War.

Okay, maybe the income tax is not so great. But, hey, we can’t entirely blame Lincoln. It did go away for a while, and then in 1913 income tax was signed into law. Fast forward one hundred years later, and here we are, in February, in the heart of tax season. And whether we like or not, we have to get our taxes done.

But the good news is you have a lot of money-saving options as a member of the Coupon Cactus family. We’ve rounded up our tax partners to make tax time a little less…well…taxing!

And if you want to see what others are saying about tax time for a tax-time laugh, check out these Man on the Street videos by Jackson Hewitt.

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