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Boat Buying: Which One is Right for You?

July 21, 2015 |

Thinking about buying a boat? Spending your free time on a boat can be a wonderful way to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.  When you’re ready to take the dive and buy a boat of your own, make sure you ask yourself some of these questions to help narrow down your choices.

What do I want to do with my boat?
Owning a boat allows you to do a myriad of outdoor water activities such as water sports, fishing, and sailing. But is there one main activity you plan to do? If you’re planning to cruise, will it be overnight? (If so, you’ll likely need a more spacious vehicle.) Get clear on your main activities so you can better identify which features you’ll need in a boat.

Who will be on my boat with me?
When you envision spending time on your boat, do you see others with you or are you more likely to use your boat for solo activities? If you don’t anticipate boating with others, a smaller and simpler boat will likely be perfect. But if you do plan on enjoying your boat with others, be sure you select a boat that can safely and comfortably handle the capacity you estimate.

Where will I store my boat?
Where you keep your boat when not in use is an important factor to consider as you plan your purchase. Storing your boat at home and then transporting it via trailer is possibly the least expensive and most desirable choice. Another option is to keep it at a storage facility. Keeping you boat at a marina should also be considered, and will likely be the best way to go for owners of larger boats. Having a storage plan will help you narrow down which boat type is best for you.

Deciding to buy a boat can be an exciting activity, so be sure to take time to ask yourself a few important questions so that you know which type of boat to get. And then your next question will be, “When are you going out on your boat?”

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