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We Were Made For This!

November 25, 2012 |

What’s your favorite holiday? For some it’s Christmas, others say Halloween, or even Easter (hey, I bet some people say that!), well for us, it’s Cyber Monday. While, not necessarily a holiday, it’s by far, our favorite day of the year! What is Cyber Monday you ask? It’s the Monday right after Black Friday and it’s a day where you can save big by shopping online. Big like, airplane big! Check out this crazy offer from last year!

For a mere $60,000, you and 146 of your closest pals could have named a Virgin America airplane and take a round-trip flight to anywhere in the US. All things considered, it’s only a little over $400 a person, less than the cost of a flight to a lot of places in the US, so maybe it wasn’t such a crazy idea – if you have 146 friends, that is.

We won’t be offering you any airplanes, but we think you’ll like what we’ve got!

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