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Tips to Make Valentine’s Day 2011 Special

February 3, 2011 |

It’s going to be Valentine’s Day in less than two weeks! This holiday always sneaks up on us. Now is the time to plan something special. Here are some gift ideas and tips for celebrating the big day.


The Card

Remember that thoughtful, heartfelt gifts and celebrations don’t have to break the bank. A special homemade card with a personal message is always perfect. Even better, make the card yourself! You can make a mini-scrapbook and fill it with photos and mementos. If you have time, you can make a personalized one on any of the stationary or photography websites, like or Cards like these will be beautiful and greatly appreciated!


The Present

  • Jewelry — It’s always a good bet for ladies and gentlemen alike. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. There are some really simple and beautiful pieces out there and you can find them for less than retail on  For ladies, a charm bracelet or necklace is popular and pretty. For men, engraved items like bracelets, tie clips and cufflinks are classics and are available inexpensively on sites like
  • Vacations and Getaways — Try bed and breakfasts or ski lodges for a romantic weekend. You can surprise your partner on Valentine’s weekend with some last minute deals, or you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and give the trip as a gift for another special time together.
  • Spa Days — Also appreciated by men and women alike are spa days. You can enjoy them together or send your mate for some “me” time. You can buy a gift certificate to a particular spa, or you can buy a gift card to a service such as, which will allow the person to use the credit at any participating spa they choose. This is particularly useful for people who travel often.
  • Flowers and Candy — An often-quoted Valentine’s Day bit of trivia is that 15% of all American women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re sending them to yourself or sending them as a gift, there is no reason to throw away your money, so use a 15% off any order coupon at From You Flowers. Also, a box of gourmet chocolate from is a great pick-me-up. The nostalgic candy conversation hearts with messages are a cute and fun-loving touch as well. Beautiful flowers and candy delivered to your partner’s office or home is a classic way to say “I love you.” Remember to include a thoughtful message and say how you really feel.

The Date

  • Make the environment inviting and relaxing. If you’re staying home then candles, music and a fire in your fireplace sets the stage for romance. If you’re going out, a walk along a scenic route or stargazing are romantic things to include.
  • No matter what gift you have chosen, take the time to wrap it beautifully. If you’re not too crafty, then try wrapping it creatively — like putting a small box into many big individual boxes to be unwrapped. It will add to the fun and romantic atmosphere you’re trying to create.
  • Dinner or lunch at a great restaurant is always fun. Be sure to review the restaurants you’re considering beforehand to make sure you and your mate will enjoy the food and are comfortable with the prices.
  • You can also cook an awesome recipe at home, together with a favorite indulgent dessert. Cooking together can be fun too! There are fun couples cookbooks to try, like The Newlywed Cookbook.

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