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Have Fun in the Water this Summer!

June 30, 2015 |

It’s summer! And the weather in much of the U.S. is now warm enough to play in the water. Whether your summer-time water activities are in the backyard or the beach, here are some fun ways to enjoy the water while staying cool.

Go for a Swim
Swimming is probably the most popular water activity. Not only is swimming a great way to cool off, but it’s an excellent form of physical fitness. Make sure you have the right swimwear, choose a location, and get out there and enjoy!

Eye Spy
Ever wonder what’s lurking beneath the surface? Take a peek underwater with goggles or a mask/snorkel set! This activity can be especially fun when swimming in a natural environment, such as a lake or ocean. You might even be inspired to take a vacation to explore a coral reef!

Tag, You’re It!
If there’s not a pool or beach nearby, not to worry. Grab a couple of friends or family members and start a game of tag using water guns! Playing with toys such as water guns can be a great way to get all the cooling benefits of playing in the water and while playing a game!

Relax on a Raft
Like the water, but not a fan of being in it too much? With an inner tube or inflatable raft, you can enjoy the water and still stay dry. Even if you’re in a pool, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself gliding down a lazy river. Let the water lull you to a peaceful calm as you float the day away.

Whether you have access to a pool, are planning a beach vacation, or something else, everyone can find a way to get out and enjoy the water. There are so many water activities to choose from! What will you do this summer?

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